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JUNE 23, 1910

The county commissioners and county clerk were out in West Branch a couple of days the past week appraising land for the new north and south railroad which is in prospect and is to run through the west part of the county. It is a gasoline car road and is to run from Belleville to Wichita, striking Concordia, Salina, Canton, Goessel, Newton, and Wichita.

The Hirschlers have moved into their new garage on West Main street. The building is not entirely finished but is far enough along so they can make a beginning. The building was put up especially for their use and it is one of the best garages in Central Kansas. The town is proud of this new institution and is promoters. Another carload of Overlands was received last week.

On Tuesday morning, June 21, the Strassburg neighborhood was shocked by the discovery of a child near the residence of Jacob Schlotthauer. The baby was found in a basket near the gate by the roadside. It was still living and nobody knew from whence it came. Dr. Marner and a nurse were summoned at once, investigations were made and the child found to be perfectly well. It was taken to Marion where it will be taken care of for the present.

The moving picture show attracts large crowds every night. A complete change of program every night helps to maintain interest and Will Burkholder furnishes enlivening piano music. The popularity of the enterprise is due partly to the fact that the manager, Scott Sheets, will not tolerate objectionable pictures.

The tennis club has changed the location of their court. They have fixed up a very satisfactory court on the corner just south of the Christian church.

A good many farmers have been trimming their hedges at the road corners. It is a good scheme. The danger of collisions with motor cars is greatly lessened. It makes riding not only safer, but more pleasant. There are still a great many corners where the hedges should be trimmed down and it is, perhaps, more to the advantage of the property owner than to any one else to have it done at once. A serious accident should not be necessary to emphasize the importance of this matter.

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