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june 30, 1910

Baby goes back home

The abandoned baby mentioned in the Record of last week was promptly adopted by Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Rosenberg of Aulne. They are fine people and a good home was assured for the baby girl, but the innocent little thing was booked for another move.

It appears that a family living near Hope heard of the baby being abandoned and strongly condemned the action of the mother deserting her child. Then one of the daughters, who had stood in fear of her father’s wrath, broke down and confessed that the child was hers. After talking it over several members of the family drove to Marion to claim the child. The matter was finally ironed out and they were allowed to take the baby and depart for their homes.

To fix streets

The city commissioners have served notice on the company constructing the sewer that all streets, alleys, crossings, sidewalks and other property both public and private in sewer District. 3—the 2nd Ward sewer—must be restored to condition and grade as provided by the contract, and that it must be done within ten days.

Representatives of the Florence tennis club were up here Friday and won a set of games from the Marion boys. A return game is being played on the Florence court this afternoon and Marion is represented by Prof. Jones, Wallis Hoch, E.H. Purdy and others.

The marriage of Mr. W.M. Baker Jr., and Miss Arletta Mae Kline took place Tuesday evening, June 28, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Kline, one mile south of Canada.

The re-inforced bridge in Central Park has been completed and will be ready for use in a short time. It is a fine piece of work.

The churches of our city have decided to hold outdoor Sunday evening services during the months of July and August.

The Luta Creek Club had a delightful time at Mrs. Wren’s last Saturday. They took lunch baskets and went to the grove where they enjoyed one of the most pleasant times the club has ever had.

A baby girl arrived Saturday to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Good.

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