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july 7, 1910

By the way, have you heard the new Marion slogan? Here it is: “There isn’t anything too good for Marion.” That’s what the new sewerage system means. That’s what the new Masonic building means. That’s what the new Record building means. That’s what our two fine new garages means. That’s what the new bridge and boulevard means. That’s what Dr. Hereford’s new soda fountain means. That’s what the proposed street paving means. That’s what the handsomest court house in Kansas means. That’s what Isaac Good’s palatial new residence means. That’s what the Chautauqua means. That’s what next winter’s lecture course, already subscribed, means. That’s what all this new awakening means. “There isn’t anything too good for Marion.” Pass the slogan along.

What ought to be done with a man or woman who would steal the plants from the city park? Is there anything strong enough to fit such a case? Some scalawag took a number of the plants from there a few days ago—some of those which had been bought by the ladies of the WCTU and recently placed there. Of course, the offense is a criminal one and if the guilty party is found out should be given the limit.

Work on the Wheeler building west of the YMCA is progressing in good shape. It will be a beautiful structure—two stories, stone, and full plate glass front.

McMillen has put a trailer on his Owl Car and moved the kitchen into it, thus enlarging his facilities for serving the people. He has also put in some new tables, new chairs, and made other improvements. He has made a delightful eating place out of the Owl Car, and plans still further improvements.

A party of young people from Lyons came in on Tuesday and went to Chingawasa on a camping trip. It is a delightful place to camp—some day it will be developed into a great summer resort.

On last Saturday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gardner invited about three dozen little people to help celebrate the fifth birthday of their little daughter, Ethel. They were entertained with a “fish pond” and entered into a merry “peanut hunt” and so the time wore swiftly away. Refreshments were served and a general good time was had by all present.

Seven great musical companies, a dozen lecturers and entertainers besides many attractive and educational features comprise the intellectual menu of the coming Chautauqua which opens at Marion on the 3rd of August.

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