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june 19, 1885

Mr. Sharp is getting some excellent testimonials concerning the efficacy of his mineral water and baths. Not only have many of our best citizens, ladies and gentlemen, testified to substantial benefits, but strangers are coming here from abroad, from other health resorts, and are bearing cheerful testimony to the curative powers of this water.

Marion’s most excellent band treated the public to one of their splendid open air rehearsals Saturday evening. Such generosity should be, and we believe is, duly appreciated.

A.E. Case went out to Lyons, last week, to examine their new hotel, and make observations in the interest of Marion’s new hotel project.

Marion is to have a street sprinkler.

Mr. Locklin’s new house will soon be ready for occupancy. Mr. and Mrs. Locklin have given such satisfaction in their manner of keeping boarders that their fortunate guests would hear to no other arrangement than that they should be taken to the new house, too, so the Locklin boarding house will not become extinct, but simply modified to more private establishment.

Our fine young friends, Tom Bauslin of Peabody, called yesterday and informed us that he saw someone harvesting wheat just out of Marion, on the northwest—the first harvesting, he thinks, in the county.

The handsome new hack with which Mr. Hise conveys passengers to and from his hotel is mainly a specimen of J.H. Hoch’s mechanical skill. The painting was done by Messrs. Moll & Lawrence, who have but recently located here. The whole job is a good one. People will learn after a while that the way to get a real nice and reliable vehicle is to have it made right here in Marion.

It seems to us that the explosion of firecrackers should be prohibited at least on Main street, except on the 4th of July. We couldn’t think of curtailing the average Young America’s enthusiasm on that occasion, but this promiscuous cracking and popping at any time and place is liable to result in serious accidents, especially with horses. On “the day we celebrate”, such things are expected and people who have excitable horses can leave them at home or be on their guard, but at other times, it is not always possible to do so.

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