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july 3, 1985

Most people in downtown Marion probably didn’t notice the “closed” sign Saturday morning, but a few old-timers—and some not quite so old—knew it meant the last of their quiet, little-known refuge: Ecker’s Place. It was to men what a youth center is for kids, or what a senior center is to the elderly. It provided a need in the community. With the closing of Ecker’s Place, that need is no longer provided for in Marion.

This month’s art display at Farmers and Drovers National Bank is a collection of 16 color photographs by Almus R. Gantz of Marion.

Money for the rest room project in Central Park began to pour in at a more rapid pace Monday afternoon during the weekly meeting of City of Marion commissioners. It was announced that funds will be available if the city promises to get moving “right away” to the project can be completed in time for Old Settler’s Day.

Marion Peacemakers met June 25 and discussed the war in Central America. John Buller was facilitator.

On July 1, the state began enforcing the new law that is designed to increase the drinking age for 3.2 beer in Kansas from 18 to 21. The law is designed to be phased in over a three-year period. On July 1, 1986, the drinking age goes up to 20. And on July 1, 1987, the drinking age goes up to 21. Many say they’ll continue to drink by getting fake identification cards made.

Forrest and Bea Kelsey returned June 24 from a 10-day vacation in Colorado.

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