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july 10, 1985

City of Marion commissioners were pleased Monday afternoon to hear that generous contributions for the gazebo in Central Park were rolling in. They also viewed a drawing of the project, prepared by Steve Jost. The rest rooms are proposed in a gazebo design and will be combined with a stage to serve during programs in the park.

Fellowship Meals will celebrate its 10th anniversary of service to senior citizens in Marion and the surrounding community next week. The first meal was served July 14, 1975.

Officials of the National Little Star Pageant have selected Nikki Bina, six-year-old daughter of Ray and Denice Bina of Lincolnville, as a finalist in their 1985 Kansas pageant.

Albert and Pauline Klenda are pictured as they reflect on the heavy bronze medal given them in honor of their son, Major Dean Klenda, a fighter pilot missing in action since the Vietnam War. The medal was awarded by Sen. Bob Dole during patriotic festivities on the Fourth of July at Cessna Stadium in Wichita.

At least two burglars made away with petty cash and about $800 worth of controlled drugs from Marion Pharmacy sometime over the Fourth of July holiday.

Inner city boys learn new life at the World Impact Ranch east of Florence in the Flint Hills. They live together in houses they built, take turns cooking, budget expenditures, shop for groceries, and do their own laundry. These experiences are totally different from the mother-dominated ghettos from which they came.

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