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july 16, 1975

The Fellowship Meals program got underway Monday, serving 30 people on its first day. Guests for the first meal included three county commissioners, Ed Broz, M.P. Thompson Jr., and Charles DeForest. The meals will be served Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays in the Hilltop Manor community room.

Fred Lewis of Marion takes all honors this week as a fisherman’s fisherman. He caught three big yellow cats Saturday night east of Elmdale on the Cottonwood River. The big boy is 46 inches long and weighed 42 pounds. The next one was 41 inches long and weighed 38 pounds. The “little fellow” was an 18-pounder.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kerbs were guests of honor at a reception July 12 at St. Mark’s Activity Center in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary.

From early spring to late fall, they’re open all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Always they’re cutting, chopping, curing. And, they’re a very pungent presence in Marion. They are the workers of Western Alfalfa, a Shawnee Mission-based organization with a plant here in Marion that patrols about 1,000 acres of Marion County alfalfa.

A musical program scheduled for August 1 will introduce new instructors, provide an evening of entertainment, and raise funds for much needed stage lights. Featured performers will be Pat Heinz and Sharon Kroupa of Kansas State University and Shelley Batt of Baylor University. All three are Marion High School graduates. Jeff Brewer will be introduced a vocal music instructor and Jean Severence as instrumental music instructor.

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