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Centre students continue garden in summer

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A group of Centre High School students is spending part of their summer vacation tending a school garden. Many of these students are already busy with other activities and obligations, but they have volunteered twice a week to help with the project.

Whether planting, harvesting, or just maintaining the garden spot, students enjoy the work.

Dani Spohn, a junior at Centre, said, “I think this project is a good way to keep kids active during the summer, instead of lounging around and doing nothing.”

President and founder of Whispering Cottonwood Farms and Educational Center Kirk Cusick has been hired by the Centre district to direct the school garden.

Four students regularly work every week but Cusick is welcoming any student who wishes to participate in the project. CHS biology teacher Cindy Riedel provides transportation to students who wish to help.

Last year, Centre students grew lettuce and spinach from what had been grown through the spring, which was served in the school’s cafeteria.

“We could obviously tell that there was something different about the food that day, and when I heard the salad had been grown in our school garden, it made sense,” CHS junior Cassandra Dones said.

Cassandra is working in the garden this summer.

Dakota Simpson and Michael Beeler also are volunteers.

Those involved with the garden celebrated the first day of summer and summer solstice June 21 with a barbecue. The food that was prepared was organically grown fruits and vegetables and locally produced meats, including beef and frankfurters.

“What better place to celebrate nature than the garden,” Cusik said.

Last modified July 7, 2010