These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Randal B. and Carol D. Vogel to Carol D. and Randal B. Vogel, co-trustees, warranty deed; Tract 1: SW/4 S3-T19-R4 except right-of-way; Tract 2: S/24 S4-T19-R4; Tract 3: S/2 SE/4 S17-T19-R4; Tract 4: NW/4 S7-T19-R5.

Randal B. and Carol D. Vogel to Randal B. and Carol D. Vogel, co-trustees, warranty deed; Tract 1: N/2 NE/4 S33-T18-R4 with exeptions; Tract 2: NE/4 S9-T19-R4; Tract 3: NW/4 S9-T19-R4; Tract 4: N/2 SE/4 S9- T19-R4 with exeptions.; Tract 4A: All minerals in and under N/2 SE/4 S9-T19-R4; Tract 5: N/2 SW/4 S9-T19-R4; Tract 6: All our interest in an undivided 25% of SE/4 S11-T19-R4 with exeptions; Tract 7: NE/4 S7-T19-R5; Tract 8: NW/4 S8-T19-R5.

Patrick E. and Jandee K. Moore to Lane D. and Amber N. Smith, warranty deed; Part of S/2 S8-T20-R4.

Cheryl M. and John Brandsted to Erick J. and Cheryl K. Brandsted, quitclaim deed; South 15 feet of Lot 9 and all of Lot 10, Block 1, Eastmoor development, Marion.

Doe Ann Hague to Chen, warranty deed; Part of Lots 7 and 8, All of Lot 9, Block 63, North Peabody, Peabody.

Keith Harder, trustee, and Judy Harder to Betty D. Fruechting, trustee, trustee’s deed; S/2 NE/4 S12-T19-R5 with exeptions; E/2 SW/4 and SE/4 S12-T19-R5.

William M. Kroupa to William M. Kroupa and Linda J. Kroupa, quitclaim deed; NE/4 and NW/4 and N/2 SW/4 S26-T18-R4.

Erna Mae Yeagley, by POA, to James Van Goethem and Lori Van Goethem, trustees, warranty deed; E/2 SE/4 S25-T19-R3.

Harold and Joyce Unruh to Harold W. Unruh and Joyce M. Unruh, co-trustees, warranty deed; SE/4 NE/4 S32-T20-R1.

William R. and Peggy J. Falen to William R. and Peggy J. Falen, trustees, warranty deed; Tract 1: W/2 E/2 S36-T17-R4; Tract 2: S/2 SW/4 S-25-T17-R4; Tract 3: W/2 SW/4 S35-T17-R4 Lying West of RR; Tract 4: W/2 SE/4 S35-T17-R4 with exeptions; Tract 5: Part of SW/4 S2-T18-R4 Lying West of RR.

Renessa D. Krause to Keith E. and Nancy M. Just, warranty deed; Lot 6, Lakeside Addition, Marion County Park and Lake.

Allen L. and Norma J. Bartel to Kenneth J. and Velma M. Decker, warranty deed; Lots 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, Block 3, Weber’s Addition, Lehigh.

City of Marion to Cardie Oil, Inc., warranty deed; Lot 3, Block 3, Batt Industrial Park Addition, Marion.

Gregory C. and Zeola A. Langenegger to Safe Harbour Eat IX, LLC, warranty deed; SE/4 S23-T22-R4.

Rural Excursions, LLC to Barbara J. Anderson, quitclaim deed; Lot 13 and N/2 of Lot 14, Block 2, Strotkamp and Werry’s Addition, St. Francis City, Burns.

Last modified March 27, 2013