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Owners of blighted lots, beware

Marion city council will determine which properties to target

Property owners with overgrown weeds, dilapidated fences and buildings, and junk in their yards are on notice.

Marion City Council reviewed 10 properties Monday evening that may be required to be cleaned up.

During a work session before a budget workshop, the council looked at photographs of properties along Main Street.

It was determined that the council would choose properties that violate city ordinances.

Overgrown weeds, junk, dilapidated and abandoned buildings, and junk cars were found on the properties. City Attorney Dan Baldwin said the city was not interested in pursuing businesses with outdoor storage properly maintained.

Another concern was the use of city-owned property on the former Santa Fe rail bed. A 20-foot easement does not allow any storage or structures on the land, so city workers can reach an electrical line. Baldwin suggested letters be sent to those landowners who are violating the ordinance.

Last modified June 23, 2010