Incident reports

hillsboro Police

Aug. 4: Officers responded to a noise complaint, fire alarm, and an assault complaint in which the victim was taken into police protective custody.

Aug. 5: Police handled a dog complaint and a harassment complaint.

Aug. 6: Officers took a report of an out of control juvenile, and a civil complaint in which a vehicle was reported missing after he left it for repairs.

Aug. 7: Police recovered stolen property, handled a civil property complaint, took a report of a skunk, and assisted with a vagrant.

Aug. 8: Police took a report of an assault to a third party. The person could not provide the location of the alleged assault or the victim’s residence.

Aug. 9: Officers took reports of reckless driving, a dog bite, and arrested a juvenile for possession of illegal drugs.

Aug. 10: Police responded to a verbal domestic disturbance, checked on suspicious activity, and received a call from an unknown source regarding a domestic disturbance in which the location was not given; the names reported did not match any known Hillsboro resident.

Peabody Police

Aug. 7: Officers recovered stolen property and returned it to the owner; charges are pending in another jurisdiction.

Aug. 8: Police took a report of the burglary of a residence, criminal damage to property, and criminal trespass; the case is under investigation and charges are pending. Christophe Oswald, 28, was arrested on a Newton municipal warrant and driving while suspended after an officer made a traffic stop.

Aug. 9: A report of aggravated assault was taken and is under investigation.

Aug. 10: An officer made a traffic stop for speeding and through subsequent investigation, the driver, Adam Kelsey, 19, of Newton, was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and taken to Marion County Jail.