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Random Thoughts

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Did you miss me in the paper last week? I missed me!

I don’t know how long I can keep writing. I’m not out and around, so I probably miss a lot.

I saw a picture recently of my “girlfriends.” There are only two of us left, Dorothy Varenhorst and me. I’m glad some younger generations are nice to me. Thank goodness. Just recently, some old friends came to town. For instance, Jim and Joan Williams. Jim is the son of a couple who were special. Then there was Nancy Meyers and her husband. Her father was superintendent of Marion schools. They all came to see me. We had a great visit.

I couldn’t ask for a better family. They are so good to me. I keep getting more — babies, brides, and grooms.

My eyes are failing. That cuts down on reading. That was my real enjoyment.

My travels were so enjoyable. I missed Spain. Now my great-granddaughter Taylor is going to school there this fall. I hope she keeps a journal so we can enjoy her experience. I did have three years of the language.

The world is so awful sometimes, but it has good things too. I’m glad we can’t see the real dread. The world is full of beauty too. An example was this spring, with the gorgeous flowers. Keep watching, I’ll be with you when I can. Adios!

Last modified June 23, 2010