• Springs: Crowd appreciated chance to talk

    Forty-five people showed up to Florence’s Market Bakery Monday to hear the DeForest family share their thoughts on a new lease plan for Crystal Springs. “These aren’t legal terms, they’re not official. These are just talking points,” family member Paul Attwater said.

  • Feedlot owner "didn't think it would get this bad"

    After weeks of wrangling with the City of Marion, Lincolnville feedlot owner Mike Beneke has been ordered not to trespass on the mayor’s property. Mayor Todd Heitschmidt handed two written “no trespass” notices to Beneke while Beneke was in Lanning Pharmacy getting prescriptions filled on Aug. 14.

  • Florence council removes pages from minutes

    The word of the night at the Florence city council meeting was “Gestapo.” Councilman Trayce Warner first used the term to describe a motion by councilman Reilly Reid.

  • Churches work together for Haiti

    Marion Elementary School gymnasium was packed full of people packing bags of food Saturday in an effort led by Marion Christian Church and joined by other churches in the area. Bags were packed at tables of eight to 10 volunteers. Each volunteer measured a specific ingredient, added it to the bag, then passed the bag along to the next person. Each bag will feed six people when the ingredients are boiled in a pot.

  • Sex crime trial delayed again

    A man charged in February 2017 with 12 counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child younger than 14 and one count of battery of a child has had his trial delayed a second time. Jerry Thouvenell, 57, Marion, appeared in court Monday afternoon, where District Judge Mike Powers agreed to set the start of Thouvenell’s trial, expected to last four days, back to Dec. 17.


  • County commission approves budget, 2-1

    For all the debate about tax levies and allocation of funds over the past month, the county commission’s budget passed Monday with relatively little discussion. The budget hearing, which preceded the county commission meeting, lasted just over 20 minutes.

  • Alcohol may have played a role in death

    A man found dead Aug. 12 next to railroad tracks east of Peabody had been headed for a new life in California, the mother of his half-sister said. Darlene Clark said she knew her children’s half-brother, Timothy Pfeiffer, throughout his life.

  • Strength training pays dividends

    Have you ever experienced a time when you felt listless and depressed, but when you got up out of your chair and found something to do, you felt better? That’s what a group of older adults from the Goessel area experienced when they joined a strength-training program last fall at Alexanderwohl Church.

  • Sheriff speaks at senior center

    County Sheriff Rob Craft attended Marion Senior Center’s lunch Aug. 15 to discuss active shooter precautions. “I hate that we have to have this discussion,” he said. “It’s not what I signed up for.”

  • Hillsboro police encounter sick raccoons

    Hillsboro police in the last week shot two raccoons, five days apart, which were obviously not acting normal. Assistant police chief Jessey Hiebert said the police department does not go to the expense of having wildlife tested for rabies, but the raccoons were clearly sick.

  • 4-H receives grant donation from farmer

    Hillsboro farmer Jim Enns has selected Marion County 4-H to receive a donation of $2,500 from an America’s Farmers Grow Communities grant. Enns said he applied online and was happy to be the Marion County recipient of the grant and pass it on to a nonprofit organization.


  • Couple expands metalworking business

    When Sarah and Troy Dawson when moved their metalworking business, Prairie Oaks Designs, from Cedar Point, “why Florence” was a question they heard frequently. “It’s really because this is where I grew up,” Sarah said.

  • Appreciation party for first responsders planned

    An appreciation pool party and barbecue for Marion first responders is planned for 3 p.m. Sept. 3 at 1001 Tanglewood St. Cards, gift cards or certificates, gift baskets, craft items, covered dishes and desserts are being sought.



  • Lordy, lordy! Do we have a prayer of a chance?

    Faces change but stories stay the same. If you can ignore whatever actual damage is done by silliness worthy of an episode of TV’s “Big Brother,” it’s actually part of what makes small- town life as addictively fulfilling as the TV show. There’s always one public official who does things a bit differently, antagonizing others with do-it-yourself research that casts doubt on what others accept without challenge.


    California kids in Kansas



  • Marion and Centre High School menus

  • Carnival to benefit elementary

    A carnival to benefit Hillsboro Elementary School is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Friday. Admission wristbands will be sold at the west gate of Joel H. Wiens football stadium beginning at 5:20 p.m. Wristband prices are $15 for all-access, $10 for six-booth access, $7 for four-booth access, and $5 for two-booth access.


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