• Larsen's fate to be decided Monday

    Peabody EMS crew members made impassioned pleas Monday for reinstating fired Peabody paramedic Larry Larsen, and county commissioners agreed to rule on the matter next week. Crew chief Tammy Whiteside, Brian Whiteside, and Lyndsay Hutchison met with commissioners to describe the impact Larsen has had and ask for him to be put back on the Peabody crew.


  • EMS debate turns to allegation

    County commissioners were to meet Monday with an emergency medical services consultant about the future of EMS while remaining embroiled in controversy surrounding the possible reinstatement of fired Peabody paramedic Larry Larsen. Randy Dallke asked fellow commissioners Nov. 19 to put Larsen back on the Peabody crew, to which outgoing EMS director Brandy McCarty responded with allegations of patient endangerment and sexual harassment.

  • Larsen reinstatement transcript

  • Former developer resigns in 1st week, raising questions

    Former Marion economic development director Terry Jones did not last long as McPherson’s community development director. His quick resignation raises questions whether the City of Marion was fully aware of potential liability it may have faced during his tenure here.

  • Family can't save pet in rural house fire

    A house fire caused extensive damage to a rural Hillsboro residence and claimed the life of a family pet Friday. Firefighters had to restrain homeowners who attempted to rescue their beloved pet, said Hillsboro Fire Chief Ben Steketee who was first on the scene.

  • 'Huey, Dewey, and Louie' nest at lake

    A power trio of residential ducks has quacked claim to a cozy cove at Marion County Lake. Over the past year, lake officials have noted two mallards and a hen swimming, quacking, and often scavenging food at or near what some lakegoers know as “sandy beach,” a small stretch of shoreline in a camping area on the lake’s east side.

  • Creative destruction: a block party for kids and parents

    A creative bunch of little destructors teamed up with parental counterparts to construct and annihilate multiple toy block structures last week at “Block Fest.” Rural Marion resident Emma Tajchman attended with her children and a niece.


  • Fire truck benefits from prisoners' touch

    Florence fire chief Mark Slater can be excused for resembling a kid with a new toy when showing off the department’s big tanker/pumper truck, even though the department has had it for nearly 17 months. At a glance, the truck looks new, but it represents the ingenuity and hard work of Florence firefighters, with a helping hand from inmates at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility in Ellsworth.

  • New sign features community flair

    It’s a sign made of what it advertises. “Marion,” reads the new construction along US-56 at Timber Rd., and it’s built with leftover pieces of the city it stands in front of. The brick-and-limestone monument-style sign features bright steel lettering. Bricks come from Williams St., north of Marion County Courthouse.

  • Lone survivor of coop merger looks back

    The folks at Cooperative Grain and Supply wanted to mark the coop’s 50th annual meeting Nov. 17 with a historical review. Fortunately, they had living history to consult: Eldon Funk was there at the beginning in 1966 and stayed with the company until he retired in 1999. “I’m the only employee that was working at the time of the merger, retired with the coop, and is still alive,” Funk said.

  • County workers get allowance for winter work clothes

    Amid employee wage concerns, county commissioners tried Nov. 16 to get road and bridge workers to warm up to them by issuing an allowance to purchase winter work gear. More than a dozen county road and bridge workers met with commissioners at 7:30 a.m. to discuss how their jobs were going, particularly with change in supervision.

  • Paper to return to normal publishing dates


  • Drew Cederberg

    Drew Cederberg, 31, formerly of Hillsboro, died Nov. 16 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Born Jan. 12, 1984, to Kyle and Christine (McKanna) Cederberg in Hillsboro, he worked in automotive technology.

  • Manuel Luna

    Manuel Luna, 86, died Nov. 15 at Salem Home in Hillsboro. He was born Dec. 24, 1928, in Mexico City. He married Julia Nuez on Aug. 11, 1953, in Mexico City, and worked for Rock Island Railroad doing maintenance.


    Max Dunn

    Robert Fetrow

    Dorothy Harms

    Bertha Linnens

    Warren Fike



  • Mapping a life path

    Marion County students seem to be determining specific careers before graduation and deciding to pursue further education, school counselors say. Marion High School counselor Mark Felvus said students typically did not make informed decisions in the past.

  • Pitfalls to avoid in your college search

    It was only five years ago that I was a first-semester freshman, bright eyed and ignorant of most of what gets me through the day anymore. College is a glorious time of personal growth and leaving your parents and hometown behind to start living on your own. And if you’re calling mom or dad twice a day, hey, it still counts. There’s no right way to do college, but there are a bunch of wrong ways. I write here to help prospective students avoid a few pitfalls that could turn the college years into a steaming pile of regret and sadness. 1. Don’t follow.


  • Why we publish what we publish

    Among the things we’re most thankful for this holiday week are that most weeks’ papers don’t pose as many ethical and journalistic challenges as this week’s do. Two stories this week present special challenges we honestly wish we could avoid. Both involve murky, public allegations we can neither prove nor disprove — but cannot simply ignore — against individuals who, despite any personal failings, have been valued contributors to communities they have served.

  • The relativity of thanks

    Thanksgiving is a relatively simple celebration for most folks, when you take away the technical aspects of preparing turkeys and fixings. Families and friends gather in homes or restaurants for a meal. More often than not, someone recites a lengthy but sincere prayer as communal affirmation of things for which thanks is given. Some groups call on individuals to name something they are thankful for. Everyone eats, most more than they should, and then they spend time enjoying each other’s company, napping, or in recent years mapping out shopping strategies for Black Friday.


    RT @baba re: ur snail mail - ROTFLOL ;)



  • Centre scholars face each other

    Centre’s two Scholars Bowl teams brought home medals Nov. 16 when they placed second and third in a competition at Andover. “The interesting match was the first round of the championships when they played each other,” coach Cindy Wyatt said. “Centre A won by one question.”

  • Marion-Florence FFA places 3rd

    Officers of the Marion/Florence FFA chapter placed third at a district FFA leadership conference Nov. 13 at Arkansas City High School. Marion placed second in the FFA information contest, fifth in parliamentary prodecure, and sixth in rituals, combining for third place.

  • School menus

  • Happy Hustlers 4-H

    Happy Hustlers Happy Hustlers 4-H Club met Nov. 2 at Marion Christian Church. Seven leaders, seven parents, two guests, and 24 members answered roll call with “favorite thing about celebrating Thanksgiving.”


  • Tabor grinds out win in 1st home playoff game

    Tabor head coach Mike Gardner is no prophet, but he couldn’t have given his team a more fitting mantra in the week leading up to its first ever home playoff game Saturday. “I talked to my guys all week about how these games come down to 10 plays or less,” he said.

  • Area players make all-league in Wheat State

    Honorable mentions included junior Brendon Bina from Centre, senior Luke Unruh from Goessel; and junior Austin Reynolds from Peabody-Burns.


  • Chase County plans weekend celebration

    A concert by Kevin Roth at 6 p.m. at Strong City Depot and the lighting of the Strong City Caboose will begin Chase County’s Christmas Celebration Friday. Saturday events will feature a 5k and fun run at 9 a.m. in downtown Cottonwood Falls.

  • Free children screening in Florence

    Marion County Early Intervention Services will conduct free screenings for children ages 5 and younger Dec. 8 in Florence. Appointments, which are required, will be available from 12:30 to 3 p.m.

  • Chef to conduct cooking class

    Chef Rob Scott will conduct a Christmas cooking class from 6 to 8 p.m. Nov. 30 in the Hillsboro Middle and High School teachers workroom. The class, for high school freshman through adults who are looking for creative ideas for cooking, is sponsored by the Hillsboro Recreation Commission.

  • Open gym planned through mid-March

    Hillsboro Recreation Commission will sponsor open gym from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesdays and 2 to 5 p.m. Sundays through mid-March. Open gym is for youths and adult basketball players who would like to play pickup basketball games or practice shooting.

  • Calendar of events


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