• Veterans: War isn't the solution

    Veterans Bill Holdeman and Roger “Bud” Hannaford, both of Marion, swapped stories from their time serving in the armed forces Friday at Holdeman’s Barber Shop. Holdeman served in the Marine Corps during World War II, fighting in the Pacific theater. He had to wait until he turned 18 to enlist, because his parents wouldn’t sign for him to enlist before then.

  • Innovations help Tampa cattlemen lower costs

    In one of Scott David’s fields south of Tampa, just part of his 60 acres, he planted harry vetch, Sudan grass, oats, turnips, and radishes. He plans to feed his crops to his cattle all winter. The round purple heads of turnips, next to the slender white stalks of radishes, surrounded by the slim green wisps of oats, and the spiraling light green leaves of harry vetch are all growing together, leaving few paths for walking.

  • Chamber plans farm-city banquet

    Marion Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a farm/city appreciation banquet Nov. 22 in the city building. Steak will be served at 6 p.m. The event has been occurring every year for at least 20 years to show appreciation to area farmers and ranches for supporting the Marion business community.

  • Scouts fill potholes

    Marion Boy Scouts Troop 102 Life Scouts Adam Molleker and Charles Stuchlik led volunteer crews in an effort to fill potholes and washouts along residents’ access roads Oct. 30 at Marion County Park and Lake. Molleker and Stuchlik divided the project, with Molleker leading crews on the east side and Stuchlik leading crews on the west side. The project was the scouts’ Eagle Scout service project

  • Ramona veteran was a navy signalman

    Warren Fike of Ramona knows the thrill of taking off from and landing on an aircraft carrier in a torpedo bomber, not as a pilot, but as a passenger. Fike served in the U.S. Navy during World War II from May 1944 to June 1946. He said he volunteered for the Navy because he saw it as a chance to see the world.

  • Community to host Thanksgiving dinner

    The 20th annual community Thanksgiving Day dinner will be noon to 1:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Day at Marion Middle/High School Commons, 125 S. Lincoln St., Marion. A traditional dinner will be served. Free delivery will be available for those who cannot attend.

  • Wellness center is not for sale

    The “For Sale” sign on the window of Marion Wellness Center at 110 E. Main St., Marion, has caused some confusion. According to Lori Lalouette, owner of the business, operations continue as usual. She said David and Brenda McGinness of Hillsboro own the building and have listed it for sale.


  • Evelyn Anderson

    Evelyn Anderson, 85, of Marion, passed away Nov. 3, 2010, at St. Luke Living Center after a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Born Sept. 4, 1925, Evelyn was raised on a farm and spent her childhood in the Strassburg community. She graduated from Marion High School in 1943. After graduation, she worked at Kansas State Bank in Wichita until 1946, when she married local farmer Stanley Anderson and moved back to Marion.

  • Sadie Bernhardt

    Sadie Sanders Bernhardt, daughter of Benjamin and Cora (Mansfield) Sanders, was born Jan. 25, 1912, on a farm five miles southwest of Marion. She was one of six children born to this union. The deceased are Sadie’s parents; one brother Mart; and sisters Elsie Olsen, Vesta McIntosh, Alta Hett, and Marjorie Pankratz.

  • Jayann Jacobson-Schneider

    R. Jayann Jacobson-Schneider, 54, of Herington, died Nov. 4 at Kaye Pogue Hospice Center, Salina. Born April 2, 1956, in Kansas City, Mo., to Ira and Patricia (Bartholomew) Huls, she was a homemaker and former assistant funeral director of Brockmeier Funeral Home in Herington.

  • Elden Riedy

    Elden Dean Riedy, 67, of Albany, Ore., was carried home to the Lord while surrounded by his family at He was born March 13, 1943, in Hope, to Edwin and Beatrice (Silhan) Riedy, and spent his childhood there. He graduated from Hope High School in 1961. Afterward he attended a year of business college.

  • Linda Stenzel

    Linda Stenzel, 93, died Nov. 2 at Memorial Home, Moundridge. Born Nov. 6, 1916, at Inola, Okla., to Christian and Lena (Schlehuber) Fischer, she was a homemaker and a retired nurse’s aide.

  • Ronald Stewart

    Ronald Eugene Stewart, 69, died Nov. 6 at his home in Marion. He was born Sept. 6, 1941, in Oklahoma City, to Ira Alfred and Laveita (Janeway) Stewart. He grew up on the family farm at Moore, Okla., and attended Moore schools first through fourth grades, then briefly moved to Lindsay, Okla., and Duncan, Okla., before returning to Moore, and graduating in 1959. He married Mary Lee Cloe in May 1959. They divorced in 1971.



  • City compares sewer rates

    Marion city sewer rates, even with the increase, will be comparable to those in other cities in the county. Marion city officials are proposing an increase of sewer rates to cover a bond for improvements at the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Commissioners seek input from other counties

    Having a full-time emergency management director paid off for Dickinson County in June 2008 when a tornado struck Chapman, Dickinson County Administrator Brad Homman told Marion County commissioners Monday. Just a few years before the tornado, the county had a part-time emergency management director to meet state requirements, he said.

  • USD 408 hires two employees

    After 30 minutes of executive session to discuss personnel Monday evening, USD 408 school board hired two new employees. Forest Barger is the new technology director replacing Mike Fruechting who resigned last month and Becky Soyez was hired as a second-grade aide.

  • Tampa City Council

    Mayor Tim Svoboda said he talked with county commissioner Dan Holub about a low-interest loan from the state to surface 330th Road from Tampa to K-15. Holub asked Svoboda the condition of Limestone Road, south of Tampa. Ty Peterson said it looked like it was sagging on some of the culverts. City clerk Donna Backhus requested a typewriter for completing forms including W2s. Since she has retired from Tampa State Bank, she no longer has access to a typewriter. She was instructed to obtain prices for a machine.


  • Diagnosis improves life for family

    Stew Bichet, 41, of Hillsboro was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, but he suspects the problem existed long before that. His job as proprietor of ASAP AutoGlass sends him out of town frequently, which meant many fast-food meals.

  • Marion County Home Care earns top agency

    Marion County home health care nurses and certified home health aides based out of St. Luke Living Center are dedicated to helping patients. A couple of years ago, a nurse was involved in a traffic accident where her car was turned over on its roof. Uninjured, she crawled out from under the car, received a ride back into Marion, and borrowed her sister’s vehicle in order to drive to her patients.


  • Off the record

    We’re seeing the signs — “Please turn off cell phones” and “please end cell phone conversations before entering.” There are even some signs that have a picture of a cell phone with a line through it, often next to the sign with a picture of a gun with a line through it. It is annoying when we’re talking with someone in person and then the conversation abruptly ends because the person has a phone call.

  • Seeds of something fine

    I have a good friend who has spent a large portion of his life doing a lot of deep thinking about what it means to love well, what it is to do good loving. He is intentional on a daily basis about seeking out small, simple things to notice that bring him joy in the “daily daily” of life. One day it was rain in the midst of sunshine. He wrote about it:

  • Who's being vindictive?

    A respected reader suggested last week that we were vindictive in opposing a Hillsboro Free Press proposal to post official notices on the Internet, presumably instead of in qualifying newspapers. We have no problem competing fair and square with the Free Press, which tried to compete with us for public notices then suddenly quit the business when it couldn’t meet postal standards.


  • Janet Blue speaks to Neo-Century Club

    Neo-Century Club met Nov. 1 at Marion Assisted Living with Janet Blue providing a program. Blue is executive director and resident care coordinator at the facility. Fourteen members and a guest attended the business meeting. Refreshments were served by hosts Arlene Bowers and Marge Christensen.

  • 20th Century donates locally

    The 20th Century Club met Monday at USD 408 central office with 15 members in attendance. The club will donate $250 to St. Luke Foundation and $75 to the Community Christmas fund. Members brought canned goods or made monetary donations to Marion County Emergency Food Bank. Money will also be given to Marion City Library to purchase two books during National Education Week.

  • Kathy Ehrlich has a love for collecting snowmen

    Kathy Ehrlich, 2096 Sunrise Road, Marion, has had a love for collecting snowmen as long as she can remember. Her grandmother gave her a stuffed snowman more than 35 years ago when she was in fifth grade.


    Jace Helmer, Jessica Morgan

    Community proud of Centre players, Marion Senior Center

    10, 25, 35, 50, 60, 100, 125


  • High schools prepare for plays, musicals

    With a lull between fall and winter sports, November is the time for high school theater productions in Marion County. Goessel, Marion, and Peabody-Burns high schools start the theater season with a bang this weekend, and Centre and Hillsboro high schools will present stage productions later in the month.

  • Kindergarten snack on veggies, fruits

    A majority of Jana Stevenson’s kindergarten class raised their thumbs in approval of their afternoon snack Friday. Was it a sugary treat — cupcakes, muffins, or cinnamon rolls? No.

  • MHS honor roll

    Marion High School recently released honor rolls for the first nine weeks of the 2010-11 school year. high Seniors Cady, Donna J. 4.0000 Chamberland, Madison 4.0000 Hodson, Patrick 4.0000 Leiker, Landon 4.0000 Nguyen, Vu 4.0000 Purkeypile, Dane 4.0000 Snelling, Tristen 4.0000 Stuchlik, Derek 4.0000 Eurit, Colin 3.8571 Loftus, Brenna 3.8571 Molleker, Adam 3.8571 Carlson, Chassidy 3.8333 Versch, Jordan 3.7500 Juniors Harms, Taylor 4.0000 Nesser, Elizabeth 4.0000 Taylor, Jessie 4.0000 Whitaker, Alicen 4.0000 Johnson, Colten 3.8571 Pracht, Kirstyn 3.8571 Sophomores Baldwin, Isaac 4.0000 Goentzel, Elizabeth 4.0000 Nelson, Ryan 4.0000 Davies, Nicholas 3.8571 Fruechting, Jennifer 3.8571 Kroupa, Clark 3.8571 McPhail, Cassandra 3.8571 Molleker, Aaron 3.8571 Buller, Marcus 3.8000 Fugitt, Spencer 3.7778 Meierhoff, Erin 3.7500 Freshmen Davies, Megan 4.0000 Ehrlich, Katey 4.0000 Frese, Kaitlyn 4.0000 Hess, Kelli 4.0000 Jeffrey, Cheyenne 4.0000 Kroupa, Clinton 4.0000 Laurin, Jordan 4.0000 Maloney, Alicia 4.0000 Maloney, Caitlyn 4.0000 McLinden, Lauren 4.0000 Meyer, Nicholas 4.0000 Richmond, Megan 4.0000 Robson, Zachary 4.0000 Smith, Abigail 4.0000 Stuchlik, Amanda 4.0000 Thierolf, Kaelyn 4.0000 Heidebrecht, Taylor 3.7500 regular Seniors Cope, Adam 3.7143 Costello, Tim 3.7143 Kinkaid, Olivia 3.7143 Sprowls, Matthew 3.7143 Carlson, Melissa 3.6667 Guetersloh, Sarah 3.6667 Kirkpatrick, Michael 3.6667 Tajchman, Tommy 3.6667 Regnier, Randal 3.6250 Allen, Raelene 3.6000 Cain, Alexis 3.6000 Hett, Emily 3.6000 Fine, Heather 3.5714 Riggs, Leslie 3.5714 Robinson, Zachary 3.5714 Obermeyer, Edward 3.5000 Juniors Hiebert, Joshua 3.7143 Jones, Scott 3.7143 Gordon, Whitney 3.5714 Kjellin, Andrew 3.5000 Sophomores Goebel, Dylan 3.6250 Cope, Jacob 3.5714 Hall, Briana 3.5714 Hett, Jordan 3.5714 McCarty, Patrick 3.5714 Svoboda, James 3.5714 Freshmen Neil, Rachel 3.7143 Hague, Jared 3.6250 Jones, James 3.6250 Lewman, Zachary 3.6250 honorable mention Seniors Crawford, Blake 3.4286 Depler, Ariel 3.4286 Funk, Galen 3.4286 Shipman, Andrew 3.4286 Smith, David 3.3333 Ragland, Mitchell 3.2857 Tajchman, Melissa 3.2857 Thierolf, Connor 3.1667 Britton, Mary 3.0000 Richmond, Dillon 3.0000 Tang, Webber 3.0000 Juniors Collett, Caroline 3.4286 Hiebert, Cory 3.4286 Overton, Megan 3.4286 Paul, Sindi Jo 3.3750 Rahe, Justin 3.3333 Schaefer, Andrew 3.3333 Lewman, Cole 3.2857 Garth, Ashley 3.1429 Gueary, Kadecha 3.1429 Stika, Samantha 3.1429 Crayton, Jack 3.0000 Hammond, Lakisha 3.0000 Ledford, Dakin 3.0000 Robinson, Laura 3.0000 Silhan, Jeffrey 3.0000 Young, Alexis 3.0000 Sophomores Eurit, Sarah 3.4286 Hess, Karly 3.4286 Schafers, Jay Dee 3.4286 Jacobson, Heather 3.2857 Lundy, Wiley 3.2857 Makovec, Morgan 3.2857 Anderson, Joseph 3.1429 Antoszyk, Mikayla 3.1429 Barr, Justin 3.1429 Corona, Jenevieve 3.1429 Lovelady, Hogan 3.1429 Percell, Montana 3.1429 Regnier, Eric 3.1429 Voth, Chelsea 3.1429 Williams, Rebecca 3.1429 Brown, Joshua 3.0000 Hammond, Zachary 3.0000 Nunnelee, Marissa 3.0000 Shiplet, Balee 3.0000 Freshman Crawford, Seth 3.4286 Seacat, Dylan 3.4286 Case, Griffin 3.3750 Williams, Caleb 3.2500 Czarnowsky, Christian 3.1667 Carr, Devan 3.1429 Steele, Luke 3.1429 Adame, Elisabeth 3.0000 Britton, Josh 3.0000 Middlemas, Trever 3.0000 Schroeder, Kate 3.0000 TEEN board to meet The Technology Excellence in Education Network will meet at 6 p.m. Nov. 17 at the USD 408 central office, 101 N. Thorp St., Marion.

  • CHS plans Veterans Day program

    Kindergarten through 12th-grade students will present a Veterans Day program 9 a.m. Thursday in Centre High School gymnasium. The public is invited. Directed by Lynley Remy, music students will sing patriotic songs, and the Centre Junior/Senior High School band will play the Star-Spangled Banner.


  • Falcons dash Centre's hope for state title

    Facing the top-ranked team in Eight-Man Division II — Baileyville B&B Falcons — Centre football coach Kelly Steiner hoped to neutralize the Falcons’ high-powered running game. Allowing Baileyville’s three-headed monster backfield of Cody Heiman, Eric Huerter, and Mitch Engelken to get on track would cause the game to come apart for the Cougars.

  • Whitney Gordon chosen for all-league

    Marion High School junior Whitney Gordon was named to the first team of the 2010 Heart of America All-League Volleyball. Gordon finished the season with 268 kills, 30 percent attack, 50 serve aces, 119 defensive digs, and 57 solo blocks.


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