• Kapaun case is heading to Rome

    Terry Klenda of rural Lincolnville tries to attend any event that has to do with Father Emil Kapaun as do Ed and Gemma Davies of Marion and many other of the faithful. They were among hundreds attending the Mass and closing ceremony Friday at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita as a large box containing more than 8,000 pages of documents that told of the life and sacrifices made by Kapaun during the Korean War were sealed, ending a two-year project.

  • Rapists could face life in prison

    Three Peabody residents, Terry L. Bowen, 64, Kenneth L. Frederick II, 21, and Lora J. Gay, 38, were found guilty early Thursday morning after a jury deliberated for more than 16 hours. They each could be sentenced to a minimum of nearly 37 years to more than 163 years for their crimes.

  • Road director resigns a 2nd time

    Marion County Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Herzet resigned his position Thursday during a county commission meeting. His resignation was effective 3:30 p.m. Friday. The announcement came after a series of closed sessions. The sessions began when Commissioner Randy Dallke requested a 20-minute closed session with Herzet to discuss work performance of personnel.

  • Retiree's legacy is in power lines, people

    On June 17, Christian Pedersen watched his boss Harvey Sanders transform from a 68-year-old public works director, only six days from retirement, back into a 20-year-old lineman. A brutal windstorm that night, which downed power lines throughout the city with 93 mph winds, vitalized Sanders. Pedersen said it was almost as if the public works director could rotate his head 360 degrees to diagnose outages in any direction.

  • Old bags become beds for Haitians

    Members of the Dorcas Society for Lutheran Women’s Missionary League at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Marion have been collecting plastic shopping bags from throughout the U.S. during the past year. “We have people all over saving bags for us,” Irma Meisinger said.

  • Sun, wind prove to be powerful allies

    Herb Bartel has a pair of dedicated assistants at his rural Hillsboro farm: Ra works from sunrise to sunset, every day of the year. Ra’s coworker, Mariah, doesn’t even take that much time off. That is because they are a pair of renewable energy sources. “Ra” is a solar electricity array, nicknamed after the sun god of ancient Egypt, and “Mariah” is a 45-foot tall wind power turbine.

  • WWII vet, son share trip to national memorial

    Virgil Clark of rural Burns and several other World War II veterans from Kansas were listening to a presentation by their group leader at the National World War II Memorial in June when a crowd of random passers-by started listening. When the presentation was done, members of the crowd spontaneously lined up to thank, hug, and shake hands with the veterans.


  • Mildred Hajek

    Mildred A. Hajek, 94, died Thursday at St. Luke Living Center, Marion. Mass was to be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. today at St. John Nepomucene Church, Holy Family Parish, Pilsen. Interment was to be inPilsen Cemetery.

  • Calvin Hall

    Retired farmer and utility and refinery worker Calvin G. “Gov” Hall, 84, of Burns died Friday at Asbury Park, Newton. Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at First United Methodist Church, Burns. There will be no visitation. Inurnment will be private.

  • Evelyn Mott

    Evelyn Ruth Mott, 95, of Marion, died June 29 at Pleasant View Home in Inman. Born Feb. 5, 1916, near Hillsboro, to George F. and Marie (Gaede) Duerksen, she was a homemaker.



  • County should consider investing in broader position

    With the recent resignation of the county’s road and bridge superintendent, the county is probably considering numerous options. Should we advertise for another superintendent or should we be looking for an engineer?

  • Apologies

    It happens to the best of us. We mean one thing and say or write something else. When I visited with Frank Buckman about his cookie business June 25, I was impressed with the Vietnam veteran who continues to cultivate his passion for cooking and baking. He said over and over to me, and to potential and faithful customers, that he hasn’t had margarine in his home for many years. He uses only the most pure ingredients in his delicacies that he sells.

  • Hope in the Heartland

    Had the “Declaration of Independence” been authored today, I submit that it would begin something like this: “When in the course of human events (although there is nothing superior about ‘human’ animals), it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another (those disbanding should apologize for their intolerance and outdated morality), and to assume among the Powers of the earth (United Nations), the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature (Evolution and global warming) and of Nature’s God entitle them (pick your ‘god’ and your entitlements), a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they declare (but not too firmly) the causes (extremism) which impel them to the separation.


  • Stonemason goes the extra mile for his customers

    In 12 years working as a stonemason — seven for The Chimney Specialists of McPherson and five on his own in Hillsboro — Jason Plett said the biggest thrill of the work is stepping back from a job and seeing in the completed project what he envisioned at the project’s inception. Customers’ reactions are a welcome validation of his success.

  • Carnival ticket sales to benefit youth groups

    Ten percent of advance sales for this year’s Marion County Fair carnival — reportedly the largest in fair history — will be donated to local 4-H, FFA, and other youth clubs. Wagner’s Carnival, which will bring 15 to 17 rides to the fair July 27 through 30 in Hillsboro, is offering $15 advance tickets good for unlimited rides for one person any night of the fair.



  • Marion swimmers take second in home meet

    Marion Swim Team competed Saturday in Marion against Lindsborg WaveMakers and Solomon Swim Team in the final regular-season meet of the summer. Final team standings were: 1. Lindsborg, 681; 2. Marion Blue, 627.5; 3. Solomon, 168.5; 4. Marion Red, 35.


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