• Officials dispute vacant homes count

    An area publication reported Sunday that Marion had the highest percentage of vacant homes in the state with 46.4 percent residences vacant. “Obviously that is not accurate,” Heerey Real Estate owner Lori Heerey said.

  • Development group shifts focus

    Everything about Marion County Economic Development Council will change — the focus of the group, membership, and even the name. The decision was made Dec. 15 after three years of turmoil and growing indecision on the board. Remaining representatives from Burns, Florence, Goessel, Hillsboro, and Peabody voted unanimously to make the changes. Marion County Commissioners Dan Holub and Randy Dallke and commissioner-elect Roger Fleming also were in attendance.

  • Palic 'home' in time for holidays

    Jackie Palic of Marion believes a guardian angel intervened to save her 17-year-old son Adam’s life after he suffered serious injuries Nov. 13 in a car accident. “I don’t know what guardian angels look like when they take the place of an airbag but that’s definitely what happened,” Palic said.

  • Eclipse is once-in-a-lifetime event

    Other than some thin clouds, conditions were great for watching a lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning, Skip Sieger of rural Marion said. Temperatures were tolerable, his home shielded him from the wind, and he didn’t have city lights interfering with his view. He and his wife, Eileen, turned their gazes almost straight up to watch as Earth’s shadow passed over the moon. The eclipse began about 12:30 a.m. and obscured the moon completely by about 1:45 a.m.

  • TV shop makes Main Street move after 53 years

    Since opening Carlson TV & Satellite in 1957 in a shop behind his home, Gary Carlson of Marion has seen a multitude of changes in entertainment hardware. The latest change was location, not hardware — Carlson moved the business to a shop on Main Street. “There’s a change every year of one type or another,” he said Thursday.

  • Florence couple converts vacant house into inn

    When Steve and Phoebe Janzen’s daughter, Amy Zeller, moved away and out of the house they were renting to her, they saw an opportunity to fill a need in Florence. They converted the house at 911 Marion St. into The Old Goat’s Inn and made it available for day-by-day rental.

  • Salvation Army kettles benefit local families

    The red kettles of the Salvation Army are a sure sign that Christmas is approaching, and donations have been strong this year, Unit Treasurer the Rev. Stephen Humber said Monday. “I actually had to go empty one because it was so full — nothing more would fit,” he said.


  • Sunshine Country Preschool letter

  • MES students send letters to Santa

  • Centre kindergarten students Christmas wishes

  • Goessel third graders send letters

  • PBES students letters to Santa

  • Letters from children in Marion and the area

    (These letters were delivered to Marion City Library and shared with the Record.) Dear Santa, This year I would like to wish for a toy box for Christmas. My mommy says I need one for my toys, but I really just want to use it to climb on. Daddy says you like Oreos and chocolate milk, so I will leave those for you to snack on. Reagan Cooper, 1, Marion I wish for a Barbie Vacation House this year for Christmas. I will leave you Oreo cookies and carrots for your reindeer. Addison Cooper, Marion Is your workshop still making toys? I bet the girls and boys are going to love your toys. You and your elves are the best toymakers in the universe. P.S. Can I get a Beyblade named Blade? Love you lots. Braedon I want these toys: video camera, baby-sitting mamma, video girl Barbie, iPod, a pony, plane, and reindeer trails. I hope you had a good year. Hadley Clark, Peabody All I would like for Christmas is to be with my cousins, Maleyah and Issak. That’s all I really like for Christmas because I would like to spend time with them. They have been going through some rough times. Steffaney Willard, Marion I want a microphone because they look fun. I want a new baby crib just like the baby crib from last Christmas that my brother broke. All kinds of Twilight stuff. I want a new Beatles sweat shirt. Santa Claus, I love you and you are my favorite Santa Claus. Shannon Taylor, 6, Marion I want a big puzzle that is a giant dump truck and I want some more glow sticks. I also want some more dinosaurs that grow in the water. Thank you. Quenton Taylor, 4, Marion I would like a talking Buzz Lightyear doll and a “Toy Story” car. I have been a very good boy this year and am very excited for Christmas. Aiden Gormley, Marion Would you please get me a power scooter? I will leave you cookies and milk. Mac Gormley, Marion I would like a remote-controlled truck, Kung Zhu DS game, How to Train Your Dragon, and clothes. P.S. I will leave you cookies. Thank you. Blake Gormley, Marion How are you? For Christmas, I would like a Nintendo DS with the MarioKart game. I would also like the Diego game and talking Woody and Jessie dolls. Please have a safe trip. Colten Gormley, Marion I hope that I am on the nice list. I wish that I had a real horse and a dog with a bed. Reanna Brown, Marion I have been a good girl this year. Shyla is helping me write this letter. I am 2½ years old. I’m sorry I didn’t sit on your lap. I was too scared. I want a Hello Kitty tricycle, a dolly, doll house, and Hungry Hippo. Shyann Audine Harris, Florence My name is William. I live in Marion, KS, with my brother and mom and dad. How are your reindeer? How’s life at the North Pole? I have two dogs at my house. I also like dinosaurs and all other kinds of critters and cars and tractors. What do you like? Well, that’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon. William Elden Sporhase, Marion I would like a robot cat and a robot dog for Christmas, please. I would also like some more monster trucks please. I would like a big Hot Wheels bicycle. I want some Christmas Playmobile. Landon Dye, Marion I would like a fire truck and some cars and trucks. I’ll leave some cookies. Timmy Griggs, Marion I want to play with Lego blocks. Andrew Madron, Ramona I want a Fushigi Ball, a talking doll, a stroller, a hippo, fuzzy socks, My Pillow Pet, Wii games, Will you bring a Fushigi Ball for my sister and a pretty necklace for my mom and a new shirt for my dad. I also want the new glow dome, an American Girl doll, and Skechers. Kailey Steiner, Marion How are you? I am doing good. I would like a Bouncin’ Babbles Baby Doll. I would also like a blue sheep. I would also like some food for my babies and a table for my babies. I would like an I Spy book and a giraffe and baby supplies. My daddy would like a Dallas Cowboys helmet, a Littlest Pet Shop for my sister, and Lightning McQueen for my brother. My mom loves Goofy. Thanks for everything. Fly safe. Cheyenne Sawyer, Marion I would like some clothes and toys for Christmas. I’ve been good. I’ll have milk and cookies for you. My brother, Connor, would also like toys and clothes. I would like it to snow. Morgan Branson, Marion I would like a rocking pony. I’ve been a good girl. I would also like a snowman and snow and a snow angel. Sara Groening, Marion I would like a Shake’N’Go racetrack and Lightning McQueen cars. I’ve been pretty good. We’ll be at Nana and Papa’s house, so we’ll leave cookies for you there. You can bring our presents there. Harrison Berry, Marion I would like a My Pillow Pet, Barbie, Chug-a-Chug-a-Choo-Choo train, baby doll. Feed the reindeer and when you stop by my house I will have milk and cookies for you. Please bring my big brother something, too. Thank you, Santa. Suzanna Owen, Florence I would like a BB gun, a video game, a hard Play Station and a hard video game, a bad Spiderman, and a good Spiderman. I’ve been good. Dalton Burke, Marion I would like some colors for Christmas and princess toys. I’ve been good this year and I’m working hard at school. I would also like a lot of new baby dolls. My little brother Jesse would like a Mickey Mouse. I would also like some shape sorters and Cootie Bug games like we have at school and maybe some spools of string and some magnetic letters for the refrigerator. Also a swimming pool and swimming pool toys and a lifejacket. Deanna Snyder, Marion A big, blue bike and a DS and a DS game, a Thomas the train track and a Thomas that follows the light. Colton Hi. My name is Madison Arocha. I am 5 years old and in kindergarten this year. I have tried my best to be good. Some days are better than others. I would like the whole set of Zhu Zhu Pets, a dog My Pillow Pet, a dry erase board with markers, clothes, a motorized scooter, and some perfume. We will leave you cookies and milk. Have a safe trip with all your reindeer. Madison Arocha, 5, Marion I want a big car I can ride, a Barbie doll, house shoes, baby doll clothes, and a doll house. Kylee Wilson, Marion I want a big car I can drive, a baby doll, motorcycle, clothes, house shoes, and dishes. Liliah Wilson, Marion I would like a stroller, baby dolls, a pink house, a pink jeep with no roof, hippo with sleeping bag, “Beauty and the Beast” movie, a Dora movie, Barbie house, Sleeping Beauty toy, and a Tangle toy house. Abby Marie Osborne, 4, Lincolnville How are the reindeer? I would like a dark, blue car and some chocolate donuts. Please bring my brother Colton some art supplies. I will leave you some milk and cookies. There will also be some carrots for the reindeer. P.S. Do the reindeer like things other than carrots to eat? Kadon Mercer, Topeka My name is Taydyn Lovelady. I am 5 years old. I try really hard to always be good but sometimes I’m not. I would like for Christmas some Legos, Star Wars, Big Foot Monster, and a train. I will leave you some cookies and milk. Have a safe trip and thank you, Santa. Taydyn Lovelady, 5, Marion How have you been? How’s your life? I really want something for Christmas and I know I want a bike for my Lyly. I want a big car, a hat, more Barbies, a new Buzz and Woody, and a Snow White. Please give Jake a race car. Also can you get my cat Jack to let me hug him? Abi Bernhardt, Marion I love the gifts from you. We put up our Christmas tree. Are your elves naughty? I would like a Wii and a trampoline for next Christmas. Jack Adkins, Marion For Christmas, I would like Lego Star Wars, an electric scooter, and a Fushigi Ball. I will leave you cookies. Christian Albin, Marion Hi Santa. How are you doing? My name is Tess and I am 2 years old. I would like a Dora house and a Barbie doll. Thank you. My brother will make sure there’s lots of cookies and milk when you visit our house. Tess Jantz, 2 We have been pretty good this year. We were wondering if you could bring us a few presents for Christmas this year. I would like some more small princesses to play with. My sister Dylan would like some princess dresses to play dress-up in because she only has one Cinderella dress that she always wears. My brother Ryder would like some boy toys like trucks and cars to play with. I think that would be all but maybe Sooner and Sophie might like a new doghouse because pets need gifts, too. Thank you, Santa. We won’t forget your cookies and milk. Taryn, Dylan, and Ryder Kraus, Marion I love you, Mrs. Claus. I want an mp3 player. Emma Soyez, Marion How are you doing, Santa? Hope you’re doing well. I would like a Scooby Doo Haunted House with the whole gang and the Mystery Machine. I will leave you cookies and milk when you come to my house. James Jantz I want a Star Wars toy and cars and a remote-controlled helicopter. Dakota Gardner, Marion This year for Christmas I would love to have 1) iPod, 2) four-wheeler, 3) Wii, 4) UFC game, 5) puppy, 6) Legos, 7) sunglasses. Ian Ingels, Marion How are you? I have been trying to be a good girl this year. For Christmas I would like a Bob-the-Builder set, roller skates, and a blue camera. Can you please bring my new brother Trey a music box and some toys? We will leave cookies and carrots for you and your reindeer. Haley Kraus, 4½, Marion It has been hard being a good boy this year but I am trying. For Christmas I would like a train set. I would also like some John Deere tractors and Thomas the train movies. Teegan Kraus, 2, Marion Hi Santa. How are your reindeer doing? Do you want me to put some food in the front yard for them? I will leave some carrots out with your cookies. Here are a couple of things I want for Christmas — a hunting blind, a camo rangefinder, the rest of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series, a live baby goose, to go back to Camp Wood next year for a week of horse camp, and a 12-volt truck. Hope you have a safe trip. See you at Christmas Santa Claus. Devin Soyez, 9, Marion
    You are awesome. I want a puppy. I want a kitty. I want a miniature motorcycle, a Chihuahua, Lego Harry Potter Wii game, a bike and a helmet, a real banana phone that does work, Fushigi ball, Nerfs, and “Tangled” Wii game. Anderson Waddell, 1st grade, Marion Skateboard, baseball bat, cowboy hat, Zhu Zhu Pets, guitar, Knex, roller skates, baseball glove, helmet, batting glove, and clothes. Mitch Norris, 5, Marion Kid computer, new books, pink scooter, Barbie doll, Zhu Zhu Pets, baby doll and a bottle, Toy Story game. I have been very good. Can you bring me a train around my Christmas tree? Tell the reindeer hi for me. Addie Norris, 3, Marion For Christmas I please want a new fox hat, dirt bike, a PSP, an Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3. I would also like to have an old western pistol and a 12-gauge, a God of War game for PSP, Red Dead Redemption game, Bully, Harry Potter years 1-4, and Batman 2 Arkham City. For my PlayStation 3, I would like Invictus and Invictus 2. I would like snowboard gear, snow goggles, snow pants, a wicked snowboard coat, and a cool snowboard, new Nerf guns, Legos, a safe, and a book case. That’s all and you don’t have to get it all, just some of it. Corbin Wheeler, Marion I have been good this year. I’ve had six greens in a row and I am doing my best. I would like a PSP, all Transformer books, a John Cena hat, a Rey Mysterio hat, Smackdown 2010 for PSP, a PS3, Tapout hat, necklace, God of War game for my PS, a Chicago Bears hat or shirt, a huge stereo, CDs, movies, Harry Potter Part 2, Eminem, Red Dead Redemption game for PS3, and a fox hat. Burton, Marion This is Falon and Quade from Marion. We are really looking forward to Christmas. For Christmas, Quade wants a Benlo game and art supplies. Falon wants athletic wear. Quade has a question for you. He wants to ride on your sleigh. We understand you’re busy but if you write back that would be great and we would be very excited. Falon Crawford and
    Quade Williams, Marion I look forward to you coming to my house on Christmas Eve. We don’t have a chimney so come on in the front door. I’ll have milk and cookies waiting for you. This year I’ve been good at home and at day care. I have been nice to my sister, helped keep my room clean, listen to my teachers at school, and help my mommy cook supper. For Christmas I would like a remote-controlled spaceship, T-Rex, and remote-controlled spider. Can you also be sure to get my sissy a new doll? Thank you. Cole Richards, Hillsboro I would like the Harry Potter book series, the “Last Dragon Chronicles” book series, Star Wars book series, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. Jordan Whitwell, Marion I would like an iPod Touch, a wrestling game, the 39 Clues book series, Xbox games, and quarter machine toys from Carlsons’. Jacob Whitwell, Marion I would like any Mario toys, How to Train Your Dragon toys, and quarter machine toys from Carlsons’. Jerrid Whitwell, Marion I really want some more kitties. I would like a robot dog just like my cousin Spencer’s. A toy bird that flaps its wings would be great. Just for me. I really want some magnet blocks that stick together like the school has. And the last thing I want is a new mermaid. Acacia Chrisjohn, Marion I would like a live turtle. Could you make some reindeer food for us? I would also like some magnetic blocks like we have at school and some cars to play with. I have been really, really good. Griffin King, Marion For Christmas I would like a new dress and shoes, a KungFu Panda, robot, crayons, and Barbie doll. Page Vines, Florence What I would like for Christmas is a Barbie doll and all 12 Barbie movies. I have two of them. A big horse. Violet Vines, Florence Merry Christmas! Hope you have been keeping the elves in line. And Mrs. Claus and the reindeer are all well, too, I hope. Anyways, down to business. All I really want for Christmas is a new TV. My sisters and I like cartoons and well, my mom doesn’t. So a TV for our room would be perfect. Oh, yeah. And a Barbie with a horse, a DS and games of course, a new bike, clothes, and movies, and a new toothbrush. That’s all I really want for Christmas. So, keep up the good work and I’ll put out your favorite — carrots for the reindeer and milk and cookies for you. Kindleigh Joy Clark, Florence I would like a train set and a Bigfoot. How’s the snow at the North Pole? How are the elves doing? And the reindeers? I would like if you could bring my sister a race car. Thank you, Santa. Have a very merry holiday. Joshua Woods, Marion I want to have an Ariel mermaid and I want some paint and the story of 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Cadence Craig, Florence I want a motorcycle and some gas for my motorcycle. And I want a dirt bike. Hayden Malone, Marion Please enjoy your milk and cookies. Can I please have markers and pencils and a snow globe? Will you get me a Play-Doh ice cream set and sprinkles. I’ve been pretty good. Also I would like a mini-Christmas tree for my room. Thank you, Santa Claus. Kaden Joseph Tryon, Marion I have been a very good boy this year. Thank you, Santa, and your reindeer and all your elves for the wonderful toys you gave me last Christmas. This year I really want the Buzz Lightyear in the box from “Toy Story.” I also want the “Toy Story” Legos. I have promised mom and dad I will pick them up when I’m done playing with them. Thank you, Santa, for the toys you are going to get me this year, please. Owen Unruh, Marion I would like a big one “Toy Story” wings that would help me fly like Buzz Lightyear. Also I like big trucks to hook up and drive and take boats off after we get on water. Thank you, Santa. P.S. My daddy says “good boys get Christmas.” I’ve been pretty good. Zander Vinduska, Lincolnville I want a Barbie fashion shop and princess that I can braid her hair and I want Princess Leia and Ariel, too. And I want lots of stuff. I’ve been good. I want paper and paint so I can make all kinds of stuff. And a paint shirt, too. Daisy Sprague, Marion I’ve been very good this year. This year for Christmas I want a dolly, Hannah Montana shirt, a camera, a doll house, and I really like sparkly and pink clothes. My brother really wants a new truck. He’s been good, too. He’s going to help me decorate the tree all pretty for you and put out milk and cookies. Thank you, Santa. And I had fun getting to see you the other night. Thank you for the candy, too. Autumn Padgett, Marion I’ve been good in school. I would like a teddy bear, Bakugan, the “Despicable Me” movie, and Harry Potter Lego game. Anthony Giacobbi, Florence Chevy would like to have a super Mario game for his Wii. He would also like to have a bigger bicycle. He also would like a remote-controlled robot. He would also like a Superman Lego game. Chevy Wilson, Marion My name is Macie and I have been a very good girl this year. This year for Christmas I would like a washing machine, a radio for my room, candy, a Pillow Pet, a new Dora movie, new earrings, and a Tinkerbell movie. Thank you, Santa. Merry Christmas. P.S. Do you go swimming at the North Pole? Macie A golden retriever puppy and a collar and a leash, a Wii, a cat collar, and a leash. Not signed I want a motorcycle that does tricks and comes with ramps. I also want a big remote-controlled truck and a remote-controlled racecar. I want a grill so I can cook with Daddy. I need a new battery for my four-wheeler, too. Happy New Year, Santa. I’m going to leave a little something special for you, Santa. I live on Welch Street. Trevor Schafers, Marion I would like to have an iPod, an electric scooter or a mo-ped, and Squinkies. I also want some fun-colored nail polish and a Fushigi Ball. Emily Schafers, Marion Please can you bring us really nice presents with really pretty wrapping paper? I want a Dora doll, a car like Micah’s, a puzzle, a Swim Dora doll, and a Dora shirt. Micah has been good. He would like a Pillow Pet horse and Tootsie Rolls. The reindeer can eat some of the grass in our yard and a carrot and you can have some milk and cookies. Olivia and Micah Carlson I want for Christmas is: PlayStation 3, electric guitar with an amp, trampoline, a puppy please please please please please please, four-wheeler, pellet gun, PSP games, Raw vs. Smackdown 2011, Cabela’s Outdoor Hunting, Nerf gun, Mongoose bike, iPod Touch, flatscreen TV 66 inches, scooter, wrestling action figure, PlayStation 3 games, Call of Duty Black Ops, jet pack please please please please please, wrestling belt with the new spinner, hoodie from Cabela’s green with a buck skull on it, dirt bike please please please please, giant Lego set, drum set, acoustic guitar, 10 fishing lures, the ECW champion wrestling belt, the world tag team champion wrestling belt, the intercontinental champion wrestling belt, Eminem CD Recovery, boxing gloves, John Cena stuff, new shoes Under Armor shoes. P.S. You can put the puppy in the kennel if you want. P.S. Can you please put the bike in front of my bedroom door? Merry Christmas, Ryan Bradford, Marion I want a WWE ring Money in the Bank, video camera, Smackdown vs. Raw, Randy Orton toy, John Cena Experience, Randy Orton shirt. Thank you, Santa. Your friend, Seth Lanning, Marion I want a drum set and a camera. I would also like my own trampoline. I love you and will leave you milk and food. Please share with the reindeer. I also want a toy microphone. Your friend, Jack Lanning, Marion I want a game camera, Pillow Pet, Boot Camp for Wii, UFC 2011 for Xbox, movie, pocket knife, Under Armor and hunting gear. Luke Lanning, Marion How are you? How are the reindeers? Can I have for Christmas Moxegirls, “Tangled” braided hair, and a Barbie house and a new Barbie? I would also like a Baby Alive and Bratz dolls. Please bring something for my brother. You can surprise him. Have a merry Christmas. Emily Hake, Marion


  • Loren Cox

    Loren Robert Cox, 93, died Dec. 19 in Newton. He was born May 3, 1917, at Thayer.

  • Douglas Druse

    Graveside services for Douglas R. Druse, 53, Melbourne, Fla., will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at Marion Cemetery. Visitation with family will be 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at Zeiner Funeral Home, Marion.

  • Marilyn Dudley

    Marilyn J. Dudley, 74, formerly of Harbor Springs, Mich., died Dec. 13 at St. Luke Hospital, Marion. Born Sept. 14, 1936, in Detroit, Mich., to Charles and Hilda (Bishop) Miller, she was a real estate agent and an antiques dealer.

  • Judy Fife

    Former Peabody resident, Judy Baker Fife, 75, of Spokane, Wash., died of cardiac arrest Dec. 20. Services are pending,

  • Wanita Goentzel

    Wanita J. Goentzel,81, died Dec. 20 at Salem Home, Hillsboro. She was born Sept. 21, 1929, in Newton, to Johann and Helen (Goessen) Ewert. On Sept. 16, 1949, she married Vernon Goentzel. He preceded her in 2008.

  • Clyde Schroeder

    Clyde S. Schroeder, 60, of Hillsboro, died Dec. 16 in Hillsboro. He was born Oct. 7, 1950, in Goessel, to Edward J. and Frieda (Schmidt) Schroeder.

  • Dorothy Varenhorst

    Dorothy Elizabeth Miesse was born July 6, 1919, in Marion, to Orville and Clara Gaunt Miesse. She was the eldest of five children. Dorothy attended school in Marion and graduated from high school in 1937. She furthered her education at Tabor College and Kansas State Teachers College. After her college education, she taught for two years in rural Dickerson School in Marion County.

  • Echo Young

    Services for Echo May Young, 25, of Lincolnville, whose body was found April 15 in Moon Lake at Fort Riley, were Tuesday at Good News Fellowship Church, Marion. She was born Feb. 8, 1985, at Wray Community Hospital, Wray, Colo., to Robert and Daisy (Kibel) Young.



  • Is Marion eliminating itself from development?

    It’s happening already. Marion Mayor Mary Olson announced at the Marion County Economic Development Council meeting Dec. 15 the city would probably cut the economic development position. When the county board members were discussing development professionals meeting on a regular basis, Marion was left out of the mix — already — even before the official decision has even been made. Public perception is powerful.

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

    (Editor’s note: This letter was written by 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon in 1897 to the editor of the New York Sun. This editorial has become the most reprinted newspaper editorial in history.) “Dear editor: I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus.

  • Seeds of something fine

    The lunar eclipse was mind-boggling, for those of you who didn’t get to see it in person. I highly recommend you try to catch it next time, y’know, 80-some years from now. And while I understand it was incredibly significant in it’s own right, standing there staring into the heavens had a special intensity for me Tuesday morning.

  • Another Day in the Country

    My apple tree was covered in bright, red cardinals Monday morning when I looked out the back door. It was like this beautiful, unexpected work of art right in my own back yard. There were fat, red birds with their fawn-colored wives in orange lipstick — like bright Christmas ornaments dripping from the branches.

  • Hope in the Heartland

    (Editor’s note: This is the conclusion of a four-part series, leading to Christmas.) By LARRY TIMM Pastor, Gracepoint church Several hours later, Joseph sat on the dirt floor and stared in awe at the miracle cradled in the crook of his arm. Light from a small fire danced across the perfect face of the waking baby, causing him to blink his dark eyes. Joseph reached out, gently stroked the small, chubby face, and then caressed the tiny hand that wiggled from under the strips of cloth. Joseph placed his forefinger across the baby’s soft palm, feeling a rush of astonishment when the tiny hand grasped onto his finer.


    What services can we afford to cut?


  • Tampa City Council

    Tampa council decided Dec. 13 to participate in the Leadership Marion County program. The council discussed those who participated in the past and the impact on the community. Tampa PRIDE President Cheri Bentz will be consulted for a candidate. The Rev. Clark Davis requested support from the council for Tampa PRIDE program. A resolution was approved.

  • Community center ready for events

    The Marion Advancement Campaign opened a renovated City Auditorium to the public Thursday, now known as Marion Community Center. With the floor leveled, MAC president Todd Heitschmidt said the auditorium was now ready to hold wedding receptions, class reunions, and training seminars. A rental fee of $450 was established for the use of the upstairs and downstairs for weddings, but organizers had not decided on a fee for just the main room.

  • TOPS club donates food

    Instead of exchanging gifts this Christmas, members of the weight-loss club, TOPS KS 1075, Marion, decided to donate food items to Marion County Emergency Food Bank. They donated 143 pounds of food to correlate with the 143 pounds of weight lost by members in the past year.



  • MHS senior wins national academic award

    Marion High School senior Ariel Depler won an academic award from the Council of Exceptional Children. She is invited to attend the April award ceremony in Washington, D.C. “I was pretty excited,” Depler said after receiving the telephone call at her Florence home.


  • Trojans victorious over MHS teams

    The Hillsboro High School girls basketball team defeated Marion, 52-21, Tuesday, maintaining their winning streak. The Trojans were led by Tena Loewen who recorded 11 points and 8 rebounds. All of Loewen’s points were scored on shots within five feet of the basket. To set the tone for Hillsboro, she scored the first basket of the game driving straight at Marion shot blocker Whitney Gordon.

  • Marion wrestlers surprised in early dual losses

    After two duals, the Marion High School wrestling team was relegated Friday to the consolation pool of the Marion County Winter Duals Tournament. The Warriors lost 33-30 to Leon Bluestem in their first dual. Although Bluestem started the match with a Trent Navarro pin over Eric Regnier, the key wrestlers for Marion performed to expectations. Randy Regnier pinned Jacob Rickman in the first round of his 125-pound battle. Brody Carroll pinned Brendan Turner in a cradle in the first round at 130. Andy Shipman pinned Nick Hampton in the first round at 135.


    Centre Cougars get a winning start, Centre girls take two victories into break


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