• Council approves purchase of vacant nursing home

    After a 30-minute tour of the former Golden Living Center facility Monday evening, Marion City Council approved the purchase of the facility. The asking price by Golden Living Center is $100,000 — a special price, just for the city’s consideration.

  • Christmas on tour

    Four distinct homes will be open Nov. 30, during Marion Christmas Home Tours, “A Natural Noel.” One is a rustic bed and breakfast cabin located at the county lake, another a nearly 60-year-old home that was remodeled, the third a dream log home, and the fourth is a haven for a tiny, Christmas village. All will interest those looking for Christmas decorating ideas or just curious about the interiors of other people’s homes.

  • Renaming of Marion's Central Park may be eminent

    The details appear to now be known regarding the Brooker Trust. At a previous Marion City Council meeting, it was divulged when the city accepted a $50,000 check nearly 10 years ago from former resident Paul Brooker, the city was agreeing to renaming Central Park to Brooker Park with another check for $50,000 for park improvements.

  • Fighting the 'silent disease'

    In the past, those prescribed a bone density test had to wait until a mobile unit came to town once a month or go to another facility. No more.

  • Total home health care is just a phone call away

    It’s a service most of us don’t think about, or even know about, until it’s needed. Marion County Home Care has being providing home health services to Marion County residents for nearly 30 years.

  • Results of county election include provisional ballots

    After 172 provisional ballots were counted and the election canvassed by Marion County Commission, the 2008 general election remained one of the best regarding voter turnout. Seventy-five percent of county registered voters went to the polls, including 11 percent voting in advance.


  • V. Imogene Klein

    V. Imogene Klein, 79, Lyons, died Nov. 14, 2008, at Promise Regional Medical Center, Hutchinson. She was a homemaker and insurance company secretary and bookkeeper. Born Aug. 5, 1929 in Geneseo, she was the daughter of Wesley and Dorothea Schroeder Van Arsdale.

  • Leslie Bowley

    Leslie R. “Les” Bowley, 49, Hutchinson, died Nov. 11, 2008, at Kansas Medical Center, Andover. He was the owner and operator of Bowley Floor Covering of McPherson.


  • Marion Police Department

    It was reported to authorities Oct. 31, that two vehicles had been burglarized. Oct. 19: Traffic stops were conducted with one resulting in a DUI arrest. A noise complaint and a parking complaint were checked. Criminal damage to property was reported.

  • Burglaries of homes reported

    At 9:30 p.m. Oct. 25, a burglary was reported in the 200 block of North Freeborn Street, Marion. According to Marion Police Officer Tyler Mermis, miscellaneous electronic equipment, valued at $300, and an equalizer booster amp, valued at $200, were taken. At 11 a.m. Oct 27, construction equipment was taken from a residence in the 100 block of Ashley Drive, Marion. The equipment was valued at $150, reported Officer Mermis.

  • Scam alert: Lottery con is no jackpot

    An increase has been seen in mail and e-mail scams in recent weeks, and consumers should be careful to protect themselves. Jody Rempel at Peabody State Bank said there have been several cases of one scam. A letter arrives in the mail and says the recipient has won a lottery or sweepstakes, and a genuine-looking check is included. It says all the recipient needs to do is cash the check and wire part of the money back for “processing fees.”

  • Accidents

  • Civil division

  • Criminal division

  • Deeds recorded

  • Domestic division

  • Jail bookings

  • Small Claims


  • Steal or deal?

    In the newspaper game, editors and reporters should never, and I mean NEV-ER, assume anything. However, in this case, I am going to break the rule and assume the city has plans for the now-vacant Golden Living Center building. Why else would tax dollars be used to purchase a 23,000+ square foot building with part of it being more than 40 years old? It doesn’t seem to be practical for city offices or a police department.

  • Reason to cheer

    Over the weekend all five high schools in Marion County presented plays, and I hope everybody made it to at least one of them. Everyone involved with the productions worked hard on the plays, and it showed. Just finding time when that many students can rehearse would be challenging enough. They didn’t stop at putting on a show. The students made the shows good.


    Banquet not possible without support, High school play coverage appreciated

    Random Thoughts



  • Thanksgiving Day: From a child's perspective

    Marion Elementary School second graders in Susan Hall and
    Shannon Cooper’s classes were asked, “What does Thanksgiving Day mean to you?” Mrs. Cooper’s class Thanksgiving means to me to give thanks. Long ago pilgrims moved from England to America on the Mayflower. McKenna White I watch football. I eat turkey. I like football. Rebecca Sawyer Thanksgiving means to me about the pilgrims and turkey. I’m thankful for the pilgrims and Indians. I love Thanksgiving because I get to see my relatives. Tori Shults To thank God for making me. And to see my family. To eat good food. Emmy Hess Thanksgiving is a time for my dad to come. I like to play catch with him with a football. I go to my granny’s house. I like turkey. Hap Waddell I like Thanksgiving because it is fun and it is the best holiday. It has good food. Joeb Corona To see my friends and family. To thank God for making me. To eat good food. Elizabeth Schafer Thanksgiving makes us come together with good foods and drinks and it makes me happy. I’m happier this year because I’m going to be a big brother. Christian Becker It means fun! It makes me hungry and it makes me think of mashed potatoes and playing football. Ethan Darnall Thanksgiving is fun. I like to spend time with my family. If my brother comes I will be so happy. I will probably play with my cousins. Samantha Kelsey Thanksgiving is when people should get together. Jacob Peterson It means to be with family. So you can be with relatives. Michaela Regnier Thanksgiving means to me that we should come together on Thanksgiving and we could have a great time. Jarred Rahe When I think of Thanksgiving I think of happiness and God and pilgrims and mashed potatoes and lasagna and everyone having a great time and thanking everyone for everything I have and my family and me and everything and heaven and everything good in life. Larry Zieammermann When I think of turkey it reminds me about Thanksgiving. When I think of Thanksgiving I feel like a pilgrim. When I feel like a pilgrim I feel like I’m shooting 10,000 turkeys a second. Devin Soyez I think it’s fun on Thanksgiving. It is so fun every year. Joey Nickel Thanksgiving means that we get to see our friends and family. And it means also to me we get lots of turkey. Chase Stringer

  • MHS, MMS scholars' bowl teams compete during week

    Marion High School varsity scholars’ bowl team of seniors Matt Thierolf and Seth Banning, sophomores Dane Purkeypile and E.J. Obermeyer, and freshman Beth Nesser posted a 6-1 record Thursday at Moundridge to bring home third place out of 18 teams. In the preliminary round-robin matches Marion defeated Halstead 70-60, Bye 80-0, Inman 90-60, Moundridge 80-35, and Ell-Saline 90-10, before losing to Hillsboro 60-50 in the semifinal match.

  • Marion FFA attends leadership conference

    Officers of Marion/Florence FFA chapter participated Thursday in the South Central District FFA Leadership Conference at Buhler. The conference consisted of three competitions in areas of parliamentary procedure, FFA information, and ritual.

  • Students write essays about reasons to honor veterans

    The women’s auxiliary of Marion VFW Post 6958 recently announced the winners of the youth essay competition, Patriot’s Pen. This year’s theme was “Why America’s veterans should be honored.”


    CHS par-law team, creed speaker qualify for state, Centre students raise $1,075 to fight diabetes, Centre USD receives report card on performance



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